Honolulu Real Estate Search


My wife and I decided to buy a condo in town as an investment and began to look at the open houses around town and Waikiki. By a stroke of good luck we met Patrick at one of the open houses on Sunday in Waikiki. At the time we did not have a realtor working with us and Patrick offered his services. He offered to meet with us and gave us a complete review of how the condo market was in the area we were looking at. His presentation was very informative and best of all it was free!

We had saw a condo in another realty site that my wife and I really liked and Patrick made a call to the seller's realtor right there. The seller did not want to take any offers until the next Sunday's open house, but Patrick knew we really liked the place and had us pre-approved for a loan that could get us the place. He took the initiative to call the seller's realtor on Wednesday and found out that they had just gotten a cash offer from a Mainland buyer and would now take back up offers instead of waiting to Sunday.

With Patrick's expert help we put together a great and aggressive offer that to my surprise was accepted by the seller the next morning! I couldn't believe it, but I found out later that the seller's realtor had a very good working relationship with Patrick and trusted his judgement as far as screening his clients.

Well we got the place we wanted and from the time we first met Patrick at the open house till are offer was accepted was all of 10 days which included getting pre-approved by Pacific Rim Mortgage.

I very, very highly recommend Patrick. He is professional and informative and if you really want a place he will have you prepared to go in with the best offer and a loan pre-approval letter from a mortgage company.

Thank you again Patrick for all the great work and assistance. -Steven K.

For Derek Kamm:

Derek is the epitome of excellence, graciousness, effectiveness, creativity, and "getting the job done." He helped my family through a very difficult time starting last spring when my parents' health failed and one passed away, and we needed to sell their home. From the very beginning he thought strategically about what would be in the best interests of our family, went out of his way--I mean way way way out this way--to assist in every detail of preparing the house for sale, and then followed through all the twists and turns of the market to sell the home successfully.

En route he was in constant communications with us, initiating and responding to issues and questions very quickly and accurately, provided advice and wise counsel when needed but always left the final decision to us, and creatively problem solved when it seemed doors were closed. Through it all he maintained optimism, unflagging energy, calm composure, and he clearly put us before his personal interests. I call this combination character with a capital "C," and a generosity of spirit that is rarely found today anywhere.

In my 35 years of working with professionals in a variety of industries and in many parts of the country and the world, including Fortune 100 companies where I have been employed, I would place Derek in the top 1%. He is smart yet humble, insightful and flexible, patient yet goal directed, detailed yet keeps the big picture, pragmatic and persistent. I couldn't recommend him more highly as a realtor. There aren't enough stars.

He said to me at the start of this relationship, that many of his clients become his friends. I see now why. He really cares. It's not just a business for him; it's a way of giving compassionately to others out of himself and a deep well of talent. If there were more people who operated this way, the world of commerce would be a far far better place. We typically think of doctors and teachers as acting unselfishlessly, but I can say I am privileged to have witnessed and been the recipient of a realtor's noble intent and heart-felt and superb efforts. He got the job done and magnificently.

Anyone who uses Derek and his team (he has an exceptional team) will not be disappointed.

My new family found a great start with the help of Patrick. It was a great experience finding the perfect spot that fit our needs and expectations. Being such a huge commitment for the future Patrick took a lot of the stress out of the equation by being so personable and quick to complete are goals. Him being so easily reached, and the team of great people he worked with; they got the ball rolling so fast we are going to be in our first house months before our target goal. More importantly before the newest member of our family is born. I highly recommend Patrick for finding the perfect house for you and yours. -Michael B.

After doing some research on the internet to find a realtor in Honolulu, I spoke with several different realtors from my home in Chicago before deciding on Derek Kamm. He returned my call within minutes, even pulling over to the side of the road to do so. I told him I was coming with my family to Oahu to both vacation and look into buying a vacation and possibly a retirement property. We discussed my needs and budget, the real estate market there and how he does business with his clients. I was impressed and after speaking with him a few more times to answer my many questions we set up a time and place to meet.

Derek's deep knowledge of the condo market in Honolulu made it very easy for us to understand the real estate market there and our options. Most impressive was that from our conversations and first meeting he and his partner understood us as clients incredibly well. They truly guided us towards what they understood would be a fit for our family. He also showed us other options for comparison and the decision was completely ours but having come from the mainland we needed that combination of understanding our needs, who we are and expert direction. As a result we found what we feel to be a perfect fit; a condo unit in the Moana Pacific.

Since then he has gone above and beyond his obligation as our realtor, helping us get our new home organized by putting us in touch with the right professionals to help us set everything up from a distance, including personally being there himself for much of what we need to get done.

Derek clearly enjoys what he does and he and his partner are a pleasure to work with. That along with his expertise and extensive network of contacts, a factor that helped us find the particular unit we bought, make him a excellent choice for anyone looking for a realtor on Oahu. -Sandy L.